Aura Sessions

Aura Photo & Chakra Reports

Jenny Davis is offering our 3D Aura Photo & Chakra Reports.  Contact her for more information at:  

- Individual
You will receive a full PDF report which is 12-15 pages including Aura Photo, full body aura, graphics of chakra levels and more.

- Couples
Bring in your partner, friend or relative for this joint session. Each of you will receive a full report plus a short report of what your energies together look like.

Video Option Available!

Want to share the experience with friends or just review what happened during the session? Jenny can record up to 5 minutes of the session. This video is only $10 more.

The PDF report summary will be emailed to you within a couple of hours of your session.

Having a party?

Have Jenny come in and do Aura Photo for everyone! Special rates available depending on number of people.